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Email/Letters/ Testimony from D'Seven Guests' Experience Tour.
Hi! d'seven, mummy Winnie, Aunty Regina and myself, Ann Otigil all sudah selamat sampai rumah masing-masing. Thank you for a blessed wonderful time in Penang. Aunty Regina can't believed she was up on top with St. Anne climbing the stairs after the past 2 years she didn't climb. She believed she was guided and led the way up and down. Thank again.


Justine Rumpod.
Vietnam Tour 7th-12th August 2013,

"Salam D seven...sa n wife ambil kesempatan utk ucap berbilion dong tq dan pling tinggi tahniah atas tour yg sgt bagus..sgt terurus dan memberi kepuasan pling maksimum ..sa sangat gembira berbangga dpt bersama kalian ceria spjg tour. faham. profesional. myesuaikan diri. emosi dlm semua keadaan..semua itu terjadi kerana Tuhan bersama.tour akan dtg sa n wife pasti ikut." justin. tq


6/19/2013 12:00:26
Fran Muji
Medan Indonesia
Congratulation to D seven and Julais team for excellent service during our tours in Medan Indonesia last year. Whilst our tour of course we are visited many places in which lake Toba is most memorable places that I is still in my mind until today.Of course ..I planning to visit Vietnam by next year and surely my first choice is D 7...TQ

June 10
Daria Francis

I would like to thank Julais and team for such a wonderful pilgrim trip in Vietnam recently Looking forward for more wonderful trip with D'Seven. I was told that there will be pilgrim trip to Korea next year...is there still seats for two person available? If iterinary for next year is ready please do kindly email me.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards,


From: willie binati binati
Date: 14 June 2013 08:02
Subject: Pilgrimage to Vietnam
To: "dseventravel@gmail.com" <dseventravel@gmail.com>

To bro Julais and staff D seven travel and Tours
Penampang and Ho chi Minh,

Shalom to you all and good morning.
Me and my wife would like to congratulate YOU ALL for the most beautiful and well arranged tours in Vietnam..we had a very great time there,not only learning the history of Vietnam but a real time with the Lord.The food was fantastic and a lot of varieties..with plenty of vegetables which is good for our digestive systems during travelling..The D7 staffs espicially Mr Loi and Mr Tong are very good and understanding and of course very knowledgable regarding the Vietnam history..All accomodation was very comfortable and good..I really appreciate the visit to Chu Ci tunnel where I managed to handle and shoot with  the AK47..It was a memorable tour. Thank you very much and continue this beautiful tours..God Bless you all..


Willie Binati,
Lahad Datu..


12/6/2011 17:14:13
Junika @ Rina Kalaus
Keningau. Sabah
Semoga lebih maju di masa2 akan dtg. MGB..


9/13/2012 0:47:26
Junika @ Rina Kalaus
Keningau, Sabah
D'Seven is the best ;)
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